Palmitoylethanolamide and Eye Pain

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a substance that is normally created in the body, and it tends to be taken as an enhancement to help with specific conditions or indications. It is seldomly discussed as a viable alternative to traditional medications, yet has a wealth of science and studies to back it. It helps with pain, and eye strain, and possibly even Glaucoma.

PEA was found in the 1960s, however, once it was additionally found to be a compelling treatment for colds and cases of flu, it was eliminated of the market in the United States. For some time PEA was just accessible for buy in Europe and needed to send to the US, yet because of rising notoriety from new research in its utilization for treating mental disorders, it is presently much easier to buy.

PEA is unsaturated fat that is like the endocannabinoids anandamide and 2-arachidonoglycerol, however, it isn’t viewed as an endocannabinoid since it doesn’t tie to the CB1 and CB2 receptors. PEA in a roundabout way has an impact is on the endocannabinoid framework by upregulating anandamide action. Anandamide and THC from cannabis both follow up on the CB1 receptors, which is the reason PEA and THC have comparable impacts, for example, decreasing pain and inflammation, in spite of the fact that PEA is non-psychoactive. It could be said, PEA can be viewed as an anti-stress substance. During times of pressure, PEA hides away to be spent rapidly, which is the reason enhancing PEA can be useful for a wide range of conditions.

PEA has generally been inquired about for treating pain issues of assorted types and has seen as compelling for practically any sort of pain. On concentrate even demonstrated that it beat ibuprofen in treating temporomandibular joint issues. PEA is prevalently utilized for fibromyalgia. PEA is likewise one of the breakdown results of Procaine, which may incompletely add to the viability of neural treatment.

One of the most significant advantages of PEA is its impact on glial cells. At the point when glial cells become excessively dynamic, they can cause mind irritation. PEA regulates and diminishes glial cell action. This is the principle motivation behind why PEA has been seen as a successful treatment for migraine and headaches. Numerous individuals notice that enhancing with PEA can diminish mind haze and improve intellectual capacity. Luckily, Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) can be found online from many sites such as this site. However, always check where it is made and how it is sourced so that you choose a quality Europian produced PEA. Inferior forms may end up being a waste.

Foods That Help Improve Your Eyesight

Poor eyesight can be the problem of many. It could be a struggle that they encounter in their daily lives. They try many ways to improve their eyesight. What is the best thing to do when you want to improve your eyes? To get that greater eyesight, sometimes it is a worth to try different ways. This includes the prescription glasses, foods, and even eye-drops.

Foods to help eyesight
If you ever heard of your parents telling you to eat veggies, then they are right. There are vegetables that help to improve your eyesight. It is by sending the nutrients from the veggies to your system. Not only vegetables, there are a lot of foods to eat. These foods can really help you on taking care of your eyes in the long run.

What are these foods?
These include varieties of foods to choose from. It is definitely a great starter when you are taking care of your eyes. Along with vitamins and rest for your eyes, eating these foods can give you a great boost to improve your eyesight. The foods that you should eat are the following.

First things first, a fish has omega-3 fatty acids. These help your eyes to keep away from being dry and having cataracts. If you don’t eat seafood, you can get supplements that have omega-3. This will help you get the same effects as those seafood that you don’t eat.

Vegetables contain different nutrients that could help you with your health and your eyes too. The most famous thing to eat when improving your eyesight is the carrots. These carrots have a lot of Vitamin A that helps your eyesight. Other veggies include the green ones. They have lutein that could help in preventing cataracts to happen.

Under fruits, you should try to eat citrus fruits. They are great in Vitamin C which lowers the possibility of having cataracts or even macular degeneration. Also, fruits are good in giving vitamin A. the example of a fruit with vitamin A is strawberry. You should eat those since they are rich in Vitamin C.

Since there are fruits and veggies with Vitamin A, beef helps your system too! It is known to have zinc. With it, your body can absorb more of Vitamin A. this can be your helping hand in letting the needed vitamin for your eyesight. Like veggies and fruits, it is also known for macular degeneration.


Probiotics are all the rage these days with many people enjoying their unique benefits. Fermented foods are said to deliver natural probiotics to the body and this is supposed to help restore bacterial balance in the gut. It is gut dysfunction and imbalances that are behind the infamous ‘leaky gut’ syndrome or condition. How does leaky gut affect your vision ? Leaky gut allows unwated yet benign food particles to enter into the blood stream where they are treated as invaders by the body. The immune system fires up and wages an all out war, thinking these innocent particles are pathogens. The immune response ends up causing damage to the most susceptible tissues and inflammation sets in. The inflammation sets off a vicious self perpetuating cycle of stress signals that then instruct a larger immune response. Eventually the resources to heal are overwhelmed and the gradual decline and destruction of the body’s tissues ensues. It can be difficult populating your gut with the right balance of microbes and even more difficult ensuring they are not destroyed by your digestive enzymes and gastric juices. Symprove is an all natural probiotic drink designed to do just that. The Symprove bacteria arrive and thrive in your gut and therefore allow your gut to re balance and the leaky gut eventually heals, becoming not-so leaky anymore.

Beware Of Cheap Cataract Eye Drops – Most Don’t Work

Cataracts is an eye condition where there is clouding in the lens of the eyes. This is because of the accumulation and clumping of a protein in the eye that is due to aging. This clumping causes the vision loss or vision impairment. Having cataracts is not really deadly but it can lead to vision impairment or blindness. There are treatments for cataracts but the most effective is to have a cataract surgery. Not everyone is needed to have the surgery but if you really want it removed, then you should opt for surgery.

There are researches that say that using a cataract eye drops can also cure naturally occurring cataracts. The component of this eye drops is from natural and traditional medicine. The eye drops are to be used 1-4 times a day depending on your eye doctor prescription. It would be 1-2 drops daily. You should also read the instructions first before using the said eye drops. Always remember to buy a legitimate eye drops and beware of those cheap cataract eye drops. It might not work because the ingredient that is said to cure cataracts might not be present in the product. Buying cheap cataract eye drops can be dangerous too. You can never be too careful in buying a medicine.

They say that prevention is always better than cure that is why, while there are treatments available for different eye conditions, it is best to just avoid having them. It is difficult to prevent age-related conditions but if you keep your mind and body healthy, this might work.

Eating right and being healthy
The body is not that strong as the person grows old. There are instances where the metabolism gets slower and the body is more susceptible to everything that causes diseases. You can also lose your stamina and endurance. This is why it is important to keep your body healthy and you should eat healthy foods. If you reach young adulthood, you should be more careful about what you are eating.

Living life to the fullest
The time of humans on Earth is uncertain ever since it began. People should live life to its fullest and enjoy every waking moment that they have. You cannot fully do this if you are sick or you keep getting sick. Taking care of your body is important if you want to live freely.

Do Cataract Eye Drops Work, Or Are They A Scam?

Detecting The Scam
In the aspect of earning a profit, some businesses do whatever it takes. Sadly, some would end up showing false information about their product, in the hopes of having people believe in whatever they are advertising. Of course, this is not good yet it is also not something new. Before when the internet is not a popular mode to conduct business, false or deceptive advertising is already a thing. Now that there is the internet, it is more difficult to figure this out as well.

With that detecting a scam includes:
(1) Reading reviews also from other sources,
(2) Watching some product sampling through videos,
(3) Gathering evidence (scientific) as to how it is as they claim it to be and
(4) Testing it yourself to see if it works. Knowing whether or not a product is a scam is important, especially if the person is in need of it. For those who are having cataracts finding the cataract eye drops that would surely work is worth the effort.

The Cure For Cataracts
Some may think that the only way to get rid of cataracts is to have surgery. However, scientific research supports that there are eye drops specifically designed to effectively cure cataracts. There had been a practical study to test how true this is. Here are the results. In the span of six months for product testing, it turned out that 90% of the people were able to see better, 89% of the users experienced less glare, and almost 50% of them experienced the reversal of cataract growth!

With those results it is easy to see how the cataract eye drops is a viable cure instead of having the surgery. Well, doctors would most likely recommend the surgery when the person wants to get rid of cataracts in the instant. As effective and proven that is, it is still risky to have a surgery because of the complications.

Having the eye drops for cataracts is safe even for long-term use. Take note that these drops, upon application, will not work overnight—there is no such thing as that. It will take time to see results so it is better to use it as early as possible if the person is already noticing the formation of cataracts. Just an advice: observe your body from time to time if you are experiencing any difficulties or abnormalities whatsoever. Remember that prevention is better than cure or treating the problem spot on before it gets worse will make the healing process easier.

When To Consider Surgery For Presbyopia

What do you need to know about this eye condition?
As the famous saying goes, “the eyes are the windows of the soul.” But, what if your eyes are becoming weaker as you age? When a person grows older, it is true of their bodies and overall health slowly declining. The situation is inevitable and should be faced head-on with confidence. So, what can an individual do when circumstances like this occur? How does a person become certain on dealing with the problem?

Before discussing the grave topic of when to consider getting surgery for presbyopia, learn more on its facts here.

It is the normal decline of the eyes’ capacities with focusing, and it more often happens when a person ages. Many people have admitted that they notice this particular effect when they reach age 40, and complain of facing the predicament when reading small prints and text messages.

What are the notable signs and symptoms of presbyopia?
Whatever reading material on hand, and even the smartphone, the contents can only be clear to the eyesight if you move it far from you. It is acknowledged as the “in some measure and temporary solution.” The common causes are indeed age-related, as the stem of the eyes’ natural lens gradually thickens and losing its flexibility.

The reliable treatments are the eyeglasses with the prescribed progressive lenses. It is because these multifocal lenses assist well regarding restoring the eyes’ lucid near and proffers supervision apart from distances. Another solution is opting for bifocal lenses. Due to this eye condition, many people suffer from light sensitivity and glare, and the most suitable answer to treat it is photochromic lenses. Can contact lenses help as well? Yes, specifically, the multifocal contact lenses.

When should confirm if surgery needs to happen? Aside from wearing contact lenses and glasses, there are surgical options you may apply for with the go signal from an eye specialist. For instance, the procedure involves embedding of a corneal inlay which is implanted in the eye’s cornea, and should not be your foremost eye. The result will provide the heightened capacity of depth focus for the non-dominant eye.

Other forms of the surgical process to fully treat this eye condition are:

  • PresbyLASIK
  • NearVision CK
  • Monovision LASIK
  • Refractive lens exchange

How would it be possible to know if you are an ideal candidate for this operation?
A complete eye exam and discussion with the refractive surgeon needs to access you.

What Causes An Eye Cataract To Form?

Clouding Of One’s Vision And Being Sensitive To Bright Lights
Two things that one might experience as they grow older is that their vision is getting clouded and that they are more sensitive to bright lights or regular lights for the matter. Though the first one can be attributed to one’s sight getting weaker and to the need for stronger glasses, the two symptoms mentioned above are symptoms of cataracts.


Cataracts are something that affects the lens of one’s eyes and can be the reason behind a cloudy vision or sensitivity to bright lights. They can be diagnosed by an optometrist when one comes in and is being examined for a stronger pair of glasses or by an ophthalmologist if one goes to them for their regular eye exam.

Possible Causes Of Eye Cataracts
There are many possible causes of an eye cataract but one of the most common ones is old age. As one grows older, more protein clump aggregate in the lens of one’s eye, causing one’s vision to worsen and to lead to cataracts.

However, there are a lot of cases of cataracts being present in younger people as well. This is where the other possible causes of cataracts come in. One possible cause is radiation exposure such as bright sunlight. The lens of the eye is very sensitive to radiation and when exposed to high doses of radiation or exposed to such in a long period of time, the lens changes due to the protein aggregates building up.

Other causes of cataracts include diseases like diabetes and glaucoma as well as one’s habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. As such, it is best to have a healthy diet and habits in order to avoid the early onset of cataracts or the development of such. After all, prevention is the best course of action when it comes to certain issues such as cataracts.

Cataract Removal Treatment Methods
Whatever causes an eye cataract to form, there are various treatment methods available for people to try. One treatment method is through the use of eye drops which are designed to slowly but surely cause the protein aggregates in the lenses of one’s eye to break up and lead to a clearer vision. However, this is best for those who don’t have cataracts in the later stages as surgery is often the answer when cataracts have already worsened.

Is Non-Surgical Treatment For Cataracts Worth Trying?

If you could not make up your mind about your doctor’s offer prior to IOLS implant, you may want to consider other treatment options before replacing your clouded lens. In fact, cataract treatment is consist of surgical and non-surgical methods. Of course, your eye doctor’s recommendation is still the best option. This will depend on the severity of your cataract condition.

Surgery Treatment
Cataract surgery will remove the clouded lens and replace it with an artificial lens. The surgery will be performed one eye at a time. This ensures that the surgery will minimize the potential complications. Your doctor will recommend you to wear an eyepatch to protect your eye on a certain time.

Non-Surgical Treatment
It is recommended by professional eye doctors as an early cataract treatment. This aims to improve the quality of vision when such condition appears and was traced early. Patients experience cloudy vision, double vision or poor night vision. The aid of eye wear prescription is needed that can significantly reduce the symptoms.

New Eyeglasses
The use of eyeglasses is one of the most common non-surgical treatment for cataracts. Cataract problems or early signs can be improved immediately with new eyeglasses with anti-glare technology. There are eyeglasses which are designed with certain tints and coatings. Your eye doctor may instruct you on how a better positioning of lamps or lights when it comes to reading.

Improving Lifestyle
When cataracts interfere your sight will not just be changed but also your lifestyle. But you can improve your vision and use this non-surgical treatment for cataracts. However, your eye doctor will highly recommend surgical removal of cataracts when your vision seems to be losing and interferes with your daily activities. If non-surgical methods do not help unfortunately, surgery is the only treatment. Therefore, it is safe to say that non-surgical treatment is still worth trying for.

Melatonin has been shown to have the ability to control eye pigmentation and consequently direct the measure of light coming to the photo receptors and rummage hydroxyradicals and to protect retinal color epithelium (RPE) cells from oxidation. If you are suffering from Macular Degeneration, then you will want to learn about some of the breaking research using melatonin and in particular, a time release form.

What Are Wall-Eyes?

Wall-eye is an eye condition of which the eye turns outward away from the nose. Fortunately, there are plenty of cases whereas, this common eye ocular disorder disappears without a treatment It is also manageable by self-treating like using various eye products like ointments to ocular decongestants. Yet, keep in mind that there are some cases what may seem to be a minor eye problem that can lead to a severe potential blindness. Therefore, if it seems there is something wrong with your eye, particularly you eyeball, make sure to visit a professional eye doctor.

It is a medical term of wall-eyes, crossed eyes, or misaligned eyes. This is a visual disorder of which the eyeballs point in different directions. This can affect your vision since the eye will fixate on the object, while the other eye turns away like esotropia (turns in) and exotropia (turns out). There are also strabismus conditions where the eye turns down which is known as the hypotropia and up hypertropia. When it comes to adults, this condition can turn into double vision problem since both eyes project different objects with turns the brain receiving two images. Any adult who is in this type of condition are not prone to any developing severe eye problem like amblyopia.

Test And Diagnosis
It can be difficult even for professionals to determine whether the wall-eyes manifested or not to an infant. It is because infants have a wise flat nasal bridge. Moreover, they have the inner eyelid protection that hides the white sclera. While an eye doctor can simply determine the problem when it comes to adults when using an optical illusion called pseudostrabismus. All in all, children and adults must be screened by a family doctor to detect a potential problem.

The common treatment is through surgery whereas the eye doctor will correct or align the lazy eye and attempts to restore the vision. If the treatment was executed during a few first years of life, the operation will be successful. While if the operation is delayed, eye-walls can be permanent.