Poor eyesight can be the problem of many. It could be a struggle that they encounter in their daily lives. They try many ways to improve their eyesight. What is the best thing to do when you want to improve your eyes? To get that greater eyesight, sometimes it is a worth to try different ways. This includes the prescription glasses, foods, and even eye-drops.

Foods to help eyesight
If you ever heard of your parents telling you to eat veggies, then they are right. There are vegetables that help to improve your eyesight. It is by sending the nutrients from the veggies to your system. Not only vegetables, there are a lot of foods to eat. These foods can really help you on taking care of your eyes in the long run.

What are these foods?
These include varieties of foods to choose from. It is definitely a great starter when you are taking care of your eyes. Along with vitamins and rest for your eyes, eating these foods can give you a great boost to improve your eyesight. The foods that you should eat are the following.

First things first, a fish has omega-3 fatty acids. These help your eyes to keep away from being dry and having cataracts. If you don’t eat seafood, you can get supplements that have omega-3. This will help you get the same effects as those seafood that you don’t eat.

Vegetables contain different nutrients that could help you with your health and your eyes too. The most famous thing to eat when improving your eyesight is the carrots. These carrots have a lot of Vitamin A that helps your eyesight. Other veggies include the green ones. They have lutein that could help in preventing cataracts to happen.

Under fruits, you should try to eat citrus fruits. They are great in Vitamin C which lowers the possibility of having cataracts or even macular degeneration. Also, fruits are good in giving vitamin A. the example of a fruit with vitamin A is strawberry. You should eat those since they are rich in Vitamin C.

Since there are fruits and veggies with Vitamin A, beef helps your system too! It is known to have zinc. With it, your body can absorb more of Vitamin A. this can be your helping hand in letting the needed vitamin for your eyesight. Like veggies and fruits, it is also known for macular degeneration.


Probiotics are all the rage these days with many people enjoying their unique benefits. Fermented foods are said to deliver natural probiotics to the body and this is supposed to help restore bacterial balance in the gut. It is gut dysfunction and imbalances that are behind the infamous ‘leaky gut’ syndrome or condition. How does leaky gut affect your vision ? Leaky gut allows unwated yet benign food particles to enter into the blood stream where they are treated as invaders by the body. The immune system fires up and wages an all out war, thinking these innocent particles are pathogens. The immune response ends up causing damage to the most susceptible tissues and inflammation sets in. The inflammation sets off a vicious self perpetuating cycle of stress signals that then instruct a larger immune response. Eventually the resources to heal are overwhelmed and the gradual decline and destruction of the body’s tissues ensues. It can be difficult populating your gut with the right balance of microbes and even more difficult ensuring they are not destroyed by your digestive enzymes and gastric juices. Symprove is an all natural probiotic drink designed to do just that. The Symprove bacteria arrive and thrive in your gut and therefore allow your gut to re balance and the leaky gut eventually heals, becoming not-so leaky anymore.