What Causes An Eye Cataract To Form?

Clouding Of One’s Vision And Being Sensitive To Bright Lights
Two things that one might experience as they grow older is that their vision is getting clouded and that they are more sensitive to bright lights or regular lights for the matter. Though the first one can be attributed to one’s sight getting weaker and to the need for stronger glasses, the two symptoms mentioned above are symptoms of cataracts.


Cataracts are something that affects the lens of one’s eyes and can be the reason behind a cloudy vision or sensitivity to bright lights. They can be diagnosed by an optometrist when one comes in and is being examined for a stronger pair of glasses or by an ophthalmologist if one goes to them for their regular eye exam.

Possible Causes Of Eye Cataracts
There are many possible causes of an eye cataract but one of the most common ones is old age. As one grows older, more protein clump aggregate in the lens of one’s eye, causing one’s vision to worsen and to lead to cataracts.

However, there are a lot of cases of cataracts being present in younger people as well. This is where the other possible causes of cataracts come in. One possible cause is radiation exposure such as bright sunlight. The lens of the eye is very sensitive to radiation and when exposed to high doses of radiation or exposed to such in a long period of time, the lens changes due to the protein aggregates building up.

Other causes of cataracts include diseases like diabetes and glaucoma as well as one’s habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. As such, it is best to have a healthy diet and habits in order to avoid the early onset of cataracts or the development of such. After all, prevention is the best course of action when it comes to certain issues such as cataracts.

Cataract Removal Treatment Methods
Whatever causes an eye cataract to form, there are various treatment methods available for people to try. One treatment method is through the use of eye drops which are designed to slowly but surely cause the protein aggregates in the lenses of one’s eye to break up and lead to a clearer vision. However, this is best for those who don’t have cataracts in the later stages as surgery is often the answer when cataracts have already worsened.